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Bacon with over 80 years experience…

    We use traditional methods in the production of our specialty- Dry Cured Bacon. We use salt cure to actively remove water from the bacon, ensuring minimal shrinkage and excess water when cooking. This process also acts to preserve the meat and crucially maximises taste.

    Once cured, the bacon can be smoked if required. Cheaper cuts manufactured on an industrial scale for sale in supermarkets tend to be “smoked” using chemicals.

    Smoked Bacon from Turners of Bond Street

    At Turners, we have two smokehouses where the bacon is placed overnight in order to produce that traditional and unmistakable smoked taste.

    All that’s left is for the bacon to be sliced and packaged, which is all done by our in-house production team.

    Why Turners of Bond Street?

    We are passionate about what we do. Our team are highly skilled and experienced in all things bacon. From our sales team to our drivers, we pride ourselves on offering a personal and reliable service.